“ Does your dream seem too far to achieve, we will help you pull it closer „

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NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming is a philosophy and educational tool, which is designed to teach people how to become happier, more effective and how to think and communicate in more useful ways.

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Dermatoglyphics is the study of fingerprints, palm prints and sole prints. Dermatoglyphics pattern has been accepted as diagnostic tool in these 20 years and it has been extended into public research field as dominant science.

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People skills consists of different aspects of Communication skills, Behavioral Skills, Social Skills & Life Skills, which Sankalp is committed to providing with cutting edge programs based on latest developmental tools and studies.

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“NLP has been an eye opener for me. The science and basic human understanding that is combined to give you an unbeatable combination is mind blowing ! It not only makes you more aware but more in control of your own life. To top it off, Amit Punjabi in his unique style gets through to you and cuts through all the jargon to connect with you with relatable ...

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