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I recently met over several people who had a problem with the word DISCIPLINE. The problem was that people kept telling them that they lack DISCIPLINE at what ever they do and because of this feedback that they kept getting often their performance at their work kept falling down. After having a conversation with these people I realized that the reason this word kept pulling them down is because they did not have any clarity on this word DISCIPLINE. One of them even said “What the hell do they mean by Discipline ? Is this a military camp ? Do they expect me to work with my finger on my lips?” This is when I decided to design a new module on this word and broke down this word for these people so that this word now motivates them and shows them the simple steps towards having DISCIPLINE.

No work can be your best if you are not DEDICATED to it. Take parents for example, the only thing that helps them create a great future for their child is their DEDICATION towards the child’s growth. Be it in sports, academics or any other thing. It is their DEDICATION that shows that they only want the best for their child. So if you want people to see your best at what ever you do first do it with DEDICATION.

People tend to follow only those leaders who’s character portray’s INTEGRITY. In other words people who value time (their own & others as well) and stick to their words. For example, when I set up an appointment with a client for 9 am in the morning, I just make sure that I am there by 8:55 am. This automatically shows my client my commitment towards their growth & my value for their time and therefore makes the client open to listening to my ideas. So if you want your ideas to be heard and given credibility… Develop INTEGRITY.

Another thing that makes you a valuable person at any organization is your drive to SUCCEED. I have met people who have great ideas but the problem was that no one wants to use them. The reason was that these people used the phrase “This idea could work or help.” This phrase does not show your confidence or power in that idea. If you could just re-phrase this and say “This could get us the SUCCESS we want” people will automatically want to listen more about the idea. This is because SUCCESS is the word that grabs the attention of the most important people in the organization.

You may have all the right things in your resume and your character but if you do not portray COURAGE none of it will count. I remember meeting a person who on the second day of his job walked up to his boss and said “I have a few ideas that will help this team perform their best and get the organization brilliant results. It would help all of us grow if you would just give me a chance to share them.” Only 2 out of his 24 ideas were taken into consideration but the boss and everybody in the top management were always ready to listen to him because his character portrayed COURAGE. I like to call it the fuel for growth. So if you think you are great have the COURAGE to say it out loud.

Another key to show people your value is to develop INTEREST in their vision and growth. No matter who you talk to, everybody has one question in mind, “What is in it for me?”. The only way people would start being open to taking your support or feedback is when they know that you are also INTERESTED in their personal growth and vision. So take INTEREST in your team’s personal goals.

You can never go further in any field without having support from PEOPLE. Once you have completed the previous step (INTEREST) it will become easy for you to get PEOPLE on board to work with you on your interests and vision. PEOPLE are the best source of stimulus when it comes to creativity and innovation at work. So brainstorm and come up with ideas when you are with your team.

I have seen a lot of people loose their influence among their subordinates because of their attitude towards LEARNING. You must have heard a lot of people on top positions say “I already know”. Leaders work from the paradigm of “LEARN AND GROW”. It does not matter weather the person talking to you is a junior at work or a cousin who is 20 years younger to you, if you want to keep growing, it is important for you to keep yourself open to LEARNING from everyone who is willing to share their thoughts with you.

As mentioned in the Last step, its important for you to LEARN from everyone who is willing to share their thoughts with you. But its not necessary for you to use the LEARNING the way you got it. As you already know, the dictionary meaning of INVESTIGATE – inquire in detail. This is a very important step for a person towards taking smart decisions. Before you implement anything you have learned, its important for you to get into details and understand the different ways to implement and develop the same learning even further.

This step becomes automatic once you have taken actions on the previous steps. NURTURING is nothing but bringing up your skills with all the learning you receive. NURTURING helps you transform the environment you work and live in. I had a subject in college “Business Studies” and many of my friends and relatives in other colleges found this subject really tough but every student in my class was able to get brilliant grades in this subject. The reason being our lecturer Mrs. Suman Nayak. Her way of teaching was to get ideas from us (Her Students) on what would be an effective way for us to learn. By subconsciously following all the previous steps she had automatically and naturally NURTURED our growth in the subject and also our growth as LEADERS.

This is the one step where most people have a problem. I’m sure you already know that it is a scientifically proven fact that children learn and act faster than the adults. The reason is that children are always excited while they are doing almost anything. If you want to be your best at work or what ever you do you have got to be EXCITED about the results you want to get, The process, the environment and the people you are working with. Also you have got to show and express your excitement as well. This could be a simple smile, a corny joke, an excited hop or a full on jump high in the air with a crazy move !. So JUST BE EXCITED.

Combine all the above and put it in practice and then you will understand the full potential of ‘Discipline.’

Amit Punjabi
Founder & Life Coach

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