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Take it on your EGO!

Every teacher was once a student. Every professional was once an amateur. Every champion was once a novice. And every winner was once a loser.


Loss, failure and rejection are all part and parcel of life. All inevitable. But staying down and bouncing back is not. Every successful personality knows that you fail a lot more times that you succeed. And during times of failure people take a decision. A very important unconscious decision of either staying down or getting back up and fighting. But some people take this decision to a whole new level… of not just overcoming the failure but completely turning things around for themselves:


Amitabh Bacchan, for example, a man who is loved for his voice was once rejected by an All India Radio Station because they did not like his voice. Today he holds a Trademarked Sound to his voice.


Michael Jordan, who didn’t make it to his high school basketball team ended up becoming the greatest player of all time. Today he’s not only the greatest, but also a self made Billionaire.


The Beatles, who were rejected by a recording studio because the studio believed their music was “not in time” ended up selling over a 100 million copies of their music. Today they’re considered the best band to have existed.


All these people failed initially. Some of which might have been major setbacks or even breaking points for some people. But these guys all had something common that made them who they are in our minds today… EGO. Each one of them had a certain attitude to deal with what was flung at them. Without this attitude, none of these winners would’ve become winners in the first place, they would’ve stayed as losers. Their ego is what set them apart and helped them rise from the ashes and conquer the world.


Now call it arrogance or attitude… it is all at the end of the day linked to ego. And if these leaders hadn’t taken their losses, rejections or failures to their egos, we wouldn’t have even heard of their names.


So next time life throws something unexpected  at you, shove it all back with your ego. Because it’s one of the best boosts available. And remember… it is not a bad thing taking losses to your ego. It’s exactly what will set you apart from the rest.


Maanav Kapai – Adventure Coach


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