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The Importance of a mentor in your life

I grew up hearing to the sloka “Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Gurudevo Maheshwara” which in Sanskrit meant Guru is in all forms of god. During my early education I lived up to learning from every teacher and had high respect for each of them. The key to learning is an open mind and hard work. So, I did both which helped me get knowledge powerful to lead a life. I had amazing teachers and my respect to all of them through all phase of life. But since I am sharing about a mentor, there is very key difference between the two.

Key difference between Teacher and a Mentor

– Teachers are instrumental in imparting knowledge which is key to be aware about the subjects in life but a mentor makes you take action on the knowledge to let you have experience of your own to lead

– Teacher shares the content so you understand, but a mentor will ask you to give an example of your own.

– One Teacher will teach a group of students, but a mentor does it one to one.

– Teaching is a job, but mentoring is a role with responsibility.

– Teacher will give you grades but mentor will bring out all the shades in you.

So, through my journey of starting 2 business ventures Honeymoon Havens and MarkYourTrails, I learnt the importance of having a mentor in life. Its been a roller coaster ride for last 5 years and I must admit everybody needs a mentor for sure. So, for all those who looking to have mentors would suggest its key to have right mentor.

– He who can understand you completely.
– He who is not making you feel comfortable but is focused to create results for you.
– He who makes you do more than you can think you can.
– He who will make efforts to evolve you through a process than just talks.
– He who speaks less and make you do more.

So, go out there and make a decision of having a mentor who can help you walk the path to reach your goals. All the best..!!! Learn, Experience, Succeed.

Chetan Yallapurkar
Honeymoon Havens &

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