5 Life Lessons From Tom And Jerry!

5 Life Lessons From Tom And Jerry!

One of the most iconic cartoon television series has got be Tom And Jerry, which has made not just my generation but my parents as well as my grandparents laugh until our stomachs have hurt.

We thoroughly enjoyed the antics of Tom And Jerry, which always left us in splits during our childhood days. It was almost a daily routine to watch the two characters run after each other for their lives but ironically at the same time were also best friends.The fight took us through a roller-coaster of a joy ride. However, amidst all the fun we might have missed out on important life lessons which the series taught us. Here are some more reasons for you to love the series even more:

  1. Size Doesn’t Matter : The first thing this show ever taught me was that size doesn’t matter. It is merely a number. Strength and power do not correlate with physical size but come from our minds. Jerry who is almost 10 times smaller would always come out on top irrespective of what Tom threw at him. How? Because he utilised his genius to come out with some really kick-ass comeback ideas. Despite being just a tiny mouse, Jerry would always take Tom to school.
  2. Attitude Is The Key : Tom made me realise that no matter how many times Jerry ‘hit a six to his googly’, Tom always had another trick up his sleeve, and another, and another, and an… You get my point. The fact that these googlies never worked is a different story all together, but the point is Tom never gave up. Because he had a superb never-say-no attitude which made him rise up ONE MORE TIME. He rose up more times than he fell. ATTITUDE is key!
  3. Look At The Bigger Picture : A lot of times Tom And Jerry had to keep their rivalry at bay to team up against a bigger opponent, which was the only way of emerging victorious. Sometimes, one can’t always choose the person he/she wants to work with. In such situations it’s vital to keep one’s emotions in check and know the overall outcome that needs to be achieved. Tom And Jerry fought only when they were alone but when they had to face a common enemy they clubbed together to become a strong team.
  4. Learn From Your Experiences : If you notice closely, Tom will never use the same technique twice to trap Jerry. He failed many times, but he only came to the conclusion that these tricks didn’t work and scrapped them. He never came back with the same trick twice. He did not allow it limit his thinking. As Thomas Edison said, “I came to know about 999 ways which won’t work.” Hence next time you make a mistake, learn from it and make sure you don’t repeat it, because the 2nd time will be out of choice, not chance.
  5. Enjoy! : The most important thing I learnt from the series is to enjoy every moment. No matter how bad the circumstances or how horrible the experiences, both Tom And Jerry were always content. All it took for them to be happy in life was a roof above their heads, food in their bellies and one true friend/nemesis! And oh yes…one last prank still to play !Here’s to one of the best cartoon series to have ever been created which not only made us all roll on the floor with laughter but gave us great learnings about life too!

Maanav R Kapai

Adventure Coach

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