A Child’s View

I came across a very touching story recently and I would like to share it with you. So here goes…

One day, a father took his son on a trip to show him how the poor people lived so that the son may learn and appreciate the things that he has in his own life. He made arrangements to spend a few days in a farm with a poor family. While returning home, the father asked his son, “How was the trip?” to which the son replied “It was great dad”. Then the father asked him if he see how the poor people lived ? To which he replied, “Oh yes !”. Then the father asked him about what he learnt from this trip and the son answered with awe in his voice.

“We have one dog, they have four !! We only have a pool in the middle of our garden and they have a
creek that has no end ! We only have lanterns in our garden but they have the stars ! We have a patio that reaches the front yard and they have the horizon. We have a small piece of land and they have fields that are beyond sight ! We have servants who serve us but they serve others ! We buy our food but they grow theirs. We have walls to protect us but they have friends to protect them !”

Then the son ended it off by adding gratefully “ Thank you dad … for showing me how poor we are !” . The father was speechless !

This is how a child views life before all the conditions of ‘success’ are put up by society and start to sink in his/her head. I have been studying children and have worked with a lot of them for almost four years now and have always been amazed at their perspective at things. They never cease to amaze me. I have had tremendous growth in terms of leadership and character because of this so I recommend interacting with children atleast once a week to refresh your ideas on life and the world !

Just be open the listening to them and you will be amazed !

Amit Punjabi
Founder & Life Coach

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Opportunity To Be A Child By Being With A Child

I’ve just had the wonderful opportunity to be a new mother. By undergoing this experience, I’ve realised that everything about me has changed. I am not just talking about the physical changes – no- they are bound to occur. What I want to talk about are the changes I’ve gone through mentally.

I’ve come to realise that I’ve lost all of the limitations that I used to have before. I was extremely conscious about singing earlier but now I don’t care if I sound bad or how people perceive my bad voice. I just look at my daughter and sing songs or nursery rhymes for her. Only for her.

I’ve also noticed a great increase in my awareness levels. I observe all her tiny movements just the way she observes each and every move that I or anybody around her makes. I’m now more open to doings things spontaneously – without having a plan – since my daughter is also very unpredictable and does things as they come to her. I catch myself smiling just at the thought of her smiling. I imitate all the noises and sounds she makes without being anxious about being overheard or laughed at.

All of the things that I was so uncomfortable doing earlier seem easier as a mother. I have lost all my old inhibitions. Only by being with my daughter, I have got such a great opportunity to be like a child myself – uncaring of what the world thinks of me. I’ve become more creative as I need to create my own stories to entertain her. She has been a great opportunity for me to realize that if one way is not possible to do something (like distracting her while she is hurt) there is another choice available. I don’t get disheartened if one way does not work out. I’ve learnt from her to always find alternatives. For example, when I stop her from pulling my hair, she grabs an opportunity to pull it some other time. She doesn’t get upset when stopped. Being with her, I feel like a child myself because I’ve learnt that I don’t need reasons to be happy. I just am happy.

It is true when they say that children are the best source of learning. I’m glad I have the opportunity to be with my source and inspiration all throughout the day and learn new things while rediscovering myself. I think anybody who also needs an experience like this should just meet a child or spend some time really observing them and how they face life with a different perspective.
Believe me, it is an amazing opportunity to be a child by being with a child.

Kiahra Punjabi

Learning Strategist

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10 things I Promise to teach my Daughter

My little daughter is just starting to walk in the world. As I hold her hand and teach her how to move ahead in life there are a few things I promise to teach her.

1. I Will Teach Avni To Learn
Everybody can study and read. Learning requires a powerful mindset. A person who is skilled at learning does not just learn from people but from animals, from their travels and nature itself. I promise that my little leader will have this awesome skill.

2. Grow In Life Instead Of Just Settling Down In Life.
The truth about life is that what you settle for is what you get. If you want to earn enough to just have one vacation a year to take a break, then that is exactly what you will get. Unfortunately, most of us have grown up thinking that what’s most important when children grow up is for them to settle down. Well, Avni is not going to settle down, she is going to GROW. Each day, in ever aspect of life, she will work for more… More happiness, more adventure and more growth.

3.Break Through Boundaries
What limits most people is their own fear, beliefs and thoughts. The more things you experience, the more people you meet it becomes easy to break through the boundaries… Avni will do that. If she ever feels she is scared of heights, she will take a step and break through it. If she ever feels less confident in taking a leap for her life, she will get mentored and take that leap. I will teach her how to break through boundaries.

4. She Will Know How To Fight.
This is not just about her being emotionally strong to stand up for herself, which is also important. It is also about being physically strong enough to kick some butt if necessary. Avni will learn martial arts, she will do real push ups and chin ups.

5. She Will Be As Curious As I Am Or Maybe Even More
What ever success I have been able to achieve has been possible only because of my curiosity. The more curious you are, the more you will question things and the more clarity you will have. I will nurture this curiosity in her.

6. I Will Teach Her What Living Is Instead Of Teaching Her What Life Is
I have seen so many people who became busy making a great life and lost out on actually living it. I have met so many people who tell me “I wish I would have…” Well, Avni will know how to live. She will know that making mistakes is absolutely fine as long as you learn from them. She will explore and grow rather that follow. She will live her life to the fullest.

7. She Will Be A Biker
Something that has added a lot of value to who I am today is my passion for biking. Riding on tough terrains teaches you a lot about life. Avni will learn all of that. I will teach her how to ride and enjoy the rides too. Right from the rocky roads of the mountains to the mushy lanes next to rivers and also enjoy the stop overs under the stars, the bonfires and rains.

8. She Will Have A Bucket List For Every Year
People who have bucket lists always have things to look forward to. They are excites about living. The learn from their past and are never limited by them. They continue to be excited about the future. Avni, will grow with that excitement. She will not only create a fresh list every year but will also know how to tick things off it !

9. She Will Know How To Judge And Treat People Well
It does not matter what work you end up doing in life, all work is driven by people. The better you are at understanding them, the more powerful and successful you will be. People who know how to treat people well know how to be content with the simplest things in life. Because of this, Avni will always be able to generate support and add value as well.

10. She Will Play Life.
We sometimes come across people who only have stories from their child hood to share. Avni will keep having new stories. She Will Keep Her Inner Child Alive. Avni will not just go places but experience places. She will grow up to be tough and playful and will keep moving forward.

– Amit Punjabi

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