Change in Leadership

Change in Leadership

I have been associated with the industry of training and coaching for almost a decade now and have helped thousands of individuals transform the way they achieve results. I have found that there is one thing which most of the clients that I have worked with look for.

A lot of them want progress, a lot of them want growth, while a lot others want development. If you realize – all these things mentioned above boil down to just one thing – CHANGE! Everybody wants change. A caterpillar transforming to a butterfly is change, a sapling growing into a tree is change, moving from one challenge to another is change. In leadership, change and facilitating change is what makes success happen.

You cannot afford to be the same person you were last year because if you have not changed, you have not grown. Now change can either just happen or can be facilitated. Most changes that just happen leave you flabbergasted simply because you were not prepared for it. And in leadership, if you are not prepared for change then you will never be able to use that change as an opportunity to grow. When you decide to facilitate change, you are not only prepared for it but in control of it. You then are in complete control of harnessing the power of change. So decide what changes do you want within and around you in 2016. Even if your 2015 was great your 2016 must not be the same, it deserves to be much better. And to make it better, the best thing you can do is to be absolutely clear about the changes you want, stop waiting for it and step up to facilitate it.

Hope you make a brilliant 2016.

Amit Punjabi
Sankalp Academy

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  1. Jeannie

    Unalbievlbee how well-written and informative this was.

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