Change  to GROW!

Change to GROW!

Why is change in one’s environment important for growth?
Everybody knows that the only thing constant in our lives is quite ironically change. Change can
vary from something as simple as taking a new route to your office due to a road block or a
drastic change such as moving to another city altogether. And every time you go through a
change, be it small or a life altering one… there is always scope for growth. What converts this
scope into actual growth is one’s perspective about change!

While some people thrive due to change, others crumble. And what sets them apart is their
perspective on change. Now what influences one’s perspective on change? According to a
study conducted by scientists, it is extremely vital for a student to shift his/her seat in class on a
day to day basis. This enables the student to have a different take on the same subject which
makes it easier for them to analyze the different angles in play by looking at it from a different
angle(Quite literally).

Now you must be wondering how a change in one’s physical position can alter his/her
psychological position? This is because according to the same study conducted; the brain, body
and mind are part of the same cybernetic structure. Which means when there’s a change made
in one, there’s automatically a change in the others.

To put things into perspective… When a young girl finds a caterpillar inside a classroom, it is
easy for her to look at it as a creepy crawler and cringe. But when she finds the same caterpillar
on a trek in the forest, the creepy caterpillar suddenly turns into the creature that’s one day
going to be a beautiful butterfly! Now did the caterpillar change? Of course not. But there was a
change in her perspective about the caterpillar due to a change in her environment.

A lot of people want to grow as professionals, leaders and human beings but aren’t able to for a
long time. What they don’t understand is that growth requires an environment that fosters it.
That nurtures it. And the faster that they change their environment, the faster can they access
this growth available to them. As an adventure Coach I know this because a lot of participants
that have come for my camps have taken back a lot of growth and learnings due to a change in
their environment. Sometimes they take back the same learning that their parents/boss/friends
had repeatedly spoken to them about earlier. But the realisation about the same only came to
them after they came for camp, I.e, when there was a change in the environment.

So you must remember that growth requires consistent change in your environment that fosters
and nurtures it. So don’t be afraid to go through change…

Maanav Kapai
Adventure Coach

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    I can’t hear antiyhng over the sound of how awesome this article is.

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