Communication is not just Language!

Communication is not just Language!

A lot of people today believe that the words and the language that they use make up the entire experience of communication. They base the results of Communication only on them and so when they fail, they look at changing only the kind of words that they are using. This might have a small change in results that might not even be permanent. So it is important for everyone to understand the fact that Communication is much more than only the language and words. They have a very minimalistic role to play. The choice of Language and Words makes up only 7% of communication. The larger part of Communication is divided into two other important aspects of ‘HOW’ you use Language and Words. 32% is the Tonality of speech and a whopping 55% entirely is the Body Language.
The best example that one could use to illustrate this is that of a pet! Fortunately or unfortunately, them lacking the ability of Language has made them depend completely upon their voice, its tone and their Body Language. How does a pet owner know that the pet wants to be let free? How does one know that the pet is sad or in an extremely excited mood? By its body language! A happy dog will always run after you in search for a cuddle or a pat or a treat!
A baby too for example, the only way a mother knows why it is crying is either through the baby’s tone of cry or its body language of being irritated, sleepy, hungry or even in pain!
To a very great extent, the results of communication depend on the Tone and Body Language of the Communicator. If he communicates Courage and Pride through his Body Language, then that is what’s going to get communicated. Imagine a person who is extremely angry and goes to a group of people and says, “Hey friends, I’m Angry!” with a smile on his face! It’s very obvious that his friends are not going to take him seriously. In a similar situation, If the same person goes up to a group and in a firm voice, with a grin on his face says, “I’m pissed, Stay away!”; I’m sure everyone’s going to do so, because that anger is being communicated through his Body Language, Tonality and his Facial Expressions.
And so, Communication does not just consist of language, it doesn’t just deal with WHAT, but to a major extent, with the ‘HOW’ part! Body Language is a marvellous thing to study and be aware of! Being in control of one’s own body language gives one the ability to communicate better, with greater Power and Conviction. The perfect mix of all these 3 components makes the experience a more powerful and a lasting reference!

Sagar R Gangwani
Ideation Coach

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