Management Consultation (Pros)


Our management consultation framework is designed for teams & departments within an organization to enable them to reduce effort & increase efficiency. The consultation process focuses on facilitating value driven actions, sustaining systems & results oriented execution. 


Key Objectives:

  • Positioning human capital for higher results
  • Developing a system of coaching to drive performance
  • Bringing strategic shifts for improved efficiency & scaling results

Leadership Consultation (PLAN)


The leadership consultation framework is for individuals who are in a position to drive the growth of an organization. The framework allows the individual to learn & model successful strategies for creating breakthrough results & leverage resources. 


Key Objectives:

  • Developing a system for sustainability with least physical involvement
  • Knowing how to influence & align actions to achieve desired outcomes
  • Designing strategies for consistent growth & organizational development


Career Consultation (EDA)


The career consultation framework is designed for individuals to have an understanding of who they are, what they have & what they want to achieve. The consultation process helps the individual to come to a decision & also chart out a course of action to achieve their desired outcomes.


Key Objectives:

  • Having awareness of what makes sense for you & what does not
  • Having an understanding of talent, skills & opportunities to make the best of them
  • Having a plan of action in place to move forward


Family Consultation (TEAM)


The family consultation framework focuses on how you can be instrumental in your family becoming a high performing team. The consultation process will help families understand how to direct their energies & drive results from every member of their family.


Key Objectives:

  • Nurturing the potential of the members of your family
  • Knowing how to facilitate growth 
  • Developing an environment that reduces stress & increases efficiency


Authors Consultation (READ)


Authors & their books tend to run into challenges. There are books that sell but don’t make an impact & there are books that are impactful but don’t sell. Our consultation framework is designed for authors & aspiring authors who want to have both; Deliver impact & a good sales figure of their books.


Key Objectives:

  • Developing content that will generate value
  • Using strategies to increase reach
  • Knowing the channels & tools to increase brad value & sales