Build the Home Team

While a lot of us today concentrate on Teamwork within our workplace and businesses, we often undermine the importance of giving the same dedication to the Team at home. What we forget is that the team at home is one’s actual support structure.
The Build the Home Team workshop/program is designed in such a way that it brings all participants together at one platform, to understand the basics of leadership within their Home Team. Each one is put through an experience that results in realizations of one’s strengths as a leader and a team player; as well as areas that require working on. Participants will witness a synergy among the Home Team at the end of the workshop.
The Team at Home is what every individual relies upon the most.
The Team at Home is where maximum support can be generated.
The Team at Home is what can truly nurture your leadership.
We welcome you to be a part of the BTHT Workshop where you will realize and know what it takes to nurture the leadership available at home.

Few key learnings that you will take back from the workshop are:

  • Understanding the paradigms that leaders live in and knowing what it takes to get there
  • Realizing behavioural patterns that limit our leadership and growth within our families
  • Knowing how to take feedback and act upon it powerfully
  • Generating the willingness to grow in every area of life
  • Generating the ability to nurture and support the leadership that is available at home

“If a successful life is a tree, then your home is the root. Your success depends on how often you take action on nurturing the root.”

  • Amit Punjabi

Build the Home Team
Program Information
  • Start Date:7th August 2016
  • Program Investment :Rs. 6500 + 14.5% taxes (Team of 2)
  • Online:Rs. 3,500 + 14.5% taxes per person
  • Days/Hours:Discovery Village, Kanakpura