Does Being A Topper Take You To The Top?

Does Being A Topper Take You To The Top?

Being a topper my entire life, I have indeed made me and my parents proud. But at one point in time, I had to ask myself, “Is this all what you are?” I had never stepped out; I had always been surrounded by my school books, tuition classes and lecture notes. Stepping out for me happened when I first attended a workshop on NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) after which I was able to get a glimpse of what life could be outside of academics. NLP gave me the power to tap into my own inner true potential. Understand that uniqueness in me. I had just started going for fests when I learnt NLP and it helped me grow immensely by leaps on bounds as a confident individual. I became more powerful and confident while on such competitions. My journey that began at the first NLP workshop ensured that I was no more…just the topper in academics. I discovered a whole different side of me that had so much to offer me…other than academics. I discovered Photography, Festing, Dramatics, Nature, Adventure, Languages, Writing and Coaching were things that made me happy. Things that gave me power and a true feeling of accomplishment.

This was when I had the real answer to the question, “Does being a Topper take you to the top?” It didn’t! Stepping out and understanding the real me, things that actually connect with me, things that I know I’m happy doing, those are the things that indeed took me to the top. I was no more under the false impression that marks were everything. This one decision of mine to step out and work on my personal development has worked wonders for me and today, along with being an avid photographer, a nature & adventure enthusiast and a pursuer of languages, I also am a topper and I truly feel that I am at the top … in the actual sense!

It is high time everyone understands today that getting the best scores in class, obtaining a bachelor’s with distinction and completing a master’s from a world class university isn’t what’s going to make one the best. In fact, if you look at most of the successful people today none of them were toppers in class. All of them started young and most were dropouts. Look at Bill Gates, Steve Jobbs, Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson, every one of them were dropouts. None of them bothered about a typical school education and they stepped out. I don’t expect you to dropout. Warren Buffet didn’t but he stepped. He bought his first stock at the age of 11. He started young. I started at 16, you can too!

Let me tell you, it is completely in your hands to step out, grab opportunities of growth and development and be open to learning. This is what will take you to the top. So when do you think is the perfect time to step out? I’ll answer that for you. NOW! Don’t stick to the routine. Do what you love and you’ll be happy!

To all parents out there, is your child actually at the top? It’s time for you to allow them to take the first step towards doing what makes them happy and powerful! I’m sure you don’t want them to be at the top of a delusional mountain, right? You want them to be successful in life and have a great future? Correct? The encourage them to step out and grab that future. Now! 

Sagar R Gangwani

Ideation Coach.

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