It’s Important to Evolve!

It’s Important to Evolve!

Right from the natural law of evolution, nature herself has set up such procedures where one has to evolve for a better thing to happen. Imagine what if apes didn’t evolve…. We wouldn’t be here today! In this context, when it comes to one’s growth, what one needs to know is that it is important to evolve and adapt into your environment. When I say evolve, I mean that it is important to acknowledge and also be flexible enough to settle into the change.
Ludvig Van Beethoven, wouldn’t have been able to cope with his hearing disorder if he hadn’t evolved and adapted his life to it; and since he did, he was able to produce results that no one had ever thought of, he turned out to compose few of the greatest of symphonies that the world would ever hear and all of this – when he was completely deaf!
This is only one of such great stories where people have been able to show their true leadership and all they had to do was evolve and adapt. The situation might not really be under one’s control but your mindset sure is and this ability to evolve and adapt comes from the mindset that is under your control.
Stephan Hawking, Team Hoit, the Paralympics’ winners, they have been able to achieve success only because of their will and ability to evolve out of their special abilities, and have reached to their fullest potential.
Let’s take actors for example, would they have been able to reach the success that they have if they didn’t evolve and adapt to the different roles and characters they’ve had to play. Imagine an actor doing the same sort of role in every film? Would he/she be able to win hearts and do great work?
In a world where the business environment, the definitions of competition, the markets, the demographics, thought processes and many more factors are continuously shifting, it is important to evolve to thrive in any situation. As the age old saying goes “Trees that bend to the force of the storm don’t break.”

Sagar Gangwani
Ideation Coach

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