Leadership  from Animals

Leadership from Animals

I’ve always loved being around animals. Dogs and hamsters have always been close to my heart. In fact, somewhere I think my family has adopted all the street dogs in our area. All the time that I’ve spent with them has made me realise that there is so much about life and leadership that we humans can actually learn from animals. Animals never preach, they practice their leadership and show the way to people.

1) Do not give up till it’s done :
Have you ever seen a dog that wants something really bad? A toy, a treat? Anything? If you have, you would know that they would do anything in their power to get to that thing and not give up till they finally reach it. They would find every way that there is, from making those puppy eyes to downright emotional blackmail and guilt trips till they have their way. And then they do (have their way).

Puppy Dog Eyes ! Works Every Time !
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For us too, winning is done the exact same way. If you want something, if you really need something bad enough, you do not let go till you find that way that gets you where you want to reach. Like the famous saying goes, ” If you want something bad enough, you find a way, else you find an excuse.” Trust me, I’ve never seen an animal find an excuse.

2) When you fall, get back up, dust it off :
I’ve had hamsters from quite some time now and to think of what all we can actually learn from such tiny beings. I’ve seen them try to learn new things, like getting into a new corner or building a new nest. I’ve also seen them fail at all these things when they first try them, but I’ve never seen them take that failure hard and not get back up. They have failed and always found a way to make things work for them. For them, failure is just a way something couldn’t be done.

Like in the movie Rocky Balboa, Rocky says “It ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard ya get hit and keep moving forward.” Animals just have a natural way into not taking failures hard and standing back on their feet.

3) Let go and move on :
One of my friend’s pet cat gave birth to a really adorable litter of kittens. The mother was extremely attached to them and as they grew, she taught them new tricks. Unfortunately, one day, in the absence of the mother, the litter was attacked by a pack of dogs and killed. It shattered the mother, she didn’t eat, she didn’t move and it looked like she wouldn’t survive this. However, in a few days she bounced back and learnt to live like before. She knew she had to let the past go and move on with new things in life, that was how survival was done.

How many people have you seen or how many times have you yourself been in a situation where something keeps pulling you back and you let yourself be held back? Make a decision today, unhook yourself from that anchor and let that ship go. In the animal kingdom, the only way you survive is to move on.

Shiksha K. Sharma
Communication Strategist

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