Opportunity To Be A Child By Being With A Child

Opportunity To Be A Child By Being With A Child

I’ve just had the wonderful opportunity to be a new mother. By undergoing this experience, I’ve realised that everything about me has changed. I am not just talking about the physical changes – no- they are bound to occur. What I want to talk about are the changes I’ve gone through mentally.

I’ve come to realise that I’ve lost all of the limitations that I used to have before. I was extremely conscious about singing earlier but now I don’t care if I sound bad or how people perceive my bad voice. I just look at my daughter and sing songs or nursery rhymes for her. Only for her.

I’ve also noticed a great increase in my awareness levels. I observe all her tiny movements just the way she observes each and every move that I or anybody around her makes. I’m now more open to doings things spontaneously – without having a plan – since my daughter is also very unpredictable¬†and does things as they come to her. I catch myself smiling just at the thought of her smiling. I imitate all the noises and sounds she makes without being anxious about being overheard or laughed at.

All of the things that I was so uncomfortable doing earlier seem easier as a mother. I have lost all my old inhibitions. Only by being with my daughter, I have got such a great opportunity to be like a child myself – uncaring of what the world thinks of me. I’ve become more creative as I need to create my own stories to entertain her. She has been a great opportunity for me to realize that if one way is not possible to do something (like distracting her while she is hurt) there is another choice available. I don’t get disheartened if one way does not work out. I’ve learnt from her to always find alternatives. For example, when I stop her from pulling my hair, she grabs an opportunity to pull it some other time. She doesn’t get upset when stopped. Being with her, I feel like a child myself because I’ve learnt that I don’t need reasons to be happy. I just am happy.

It is true when they say that children are the best source of learning. I’m glad I have the opportunity to be with my source and inspiration all throughout the day and learn new things while rediscovering myself. I think anybody who also needs an experience like this should just meet a child or spend some time really observing them and how they face life with a different perspective.
Believe me, it is an amazing opportunity to be a child by being with a child.

Kiahra Punjabi

Learning Strategist

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