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ReDirect is a one day leadership conference brought to you by Sankalp Academy to help you Realize your potential, Direct your ambitions and Lead your life and organisation to success.Every organisation starts off with a certain direction and goal in mind. However, the challenge is the need to ReDirect the organisation in terms of its approach, growth strategy, marketing and Innovation to reap better results.This conference revolves around participants and organisations realising their potential and directing their energy into what is required to attain their Organisational Objectives.This conference brings together 3 core concepts of Entrepreneurial Success, that are - Innovation, Communication and Experiential Learning and how they can be combined to create a dynamic and successful Leadership Team.

ReDirect is a transformational program and focuses on Organisations and leaders looking to transform their business and themselves. This Conference is for

  • Entrepreneurs experiencing the plateau effect
  • Established Business owners looking for Team and organisational Development.
  • Individuals looking to develop personal success strategies to utilise well honed skills.
  • Individuals looking to align personal goals with Organizational success.

Entrepreneurs experiencing the plateau effect: Early stage entrepreneurs have relatively smaller challenges as low volume businesses are easy to breakeven. However the real challenge in running a successful business is in establishing scalable business operations. Along with skill, expertise and subject matter expertise one of the key attributes of a business that scales is Leadership. Leadership as a business attribute is a carefully crafted balance between taking lead and control of situations without hampering the team members’ abilities to make independent decisions. At Re-direct, Entrepreneurs will know what it takes to be that well balanced leader who can build and drive a scalable business.

Established Business owners looking for Team and organisational Development: Established businesses often bask in the glory of what’s been achieved and fail to focus on growth opportunities. One of the key reasons for this lethargy is that minor achievements create an equilibrium that pushes the management into a pseudo comfort zone.Re-direct focuses on challenging organisational equilibrium and pushing leaders of the management team to find a newer and higher equilibrium. Re-direct reemphasises on the importance of not just managing Client expectations, reactively, but exceeding them with innovation and proactive organisational initiatives.

Individuals looking to develop personal success strategies to utilise well honed skills : The fundamental challenge in Individuals looking for professional success is the need to balance one’s energies between building Strategic initiatives and executing tactical initiatives. Complex professional strategies with poor execution is as good/bad as working hard without a plan. Re-direct aims to not just bring brilliant professional strategies but also help individuals in focusing on executing these strategies. Redirect aims to work with individuals to build effective strategies to get the most out of one’s skills and talents.

Individuals looking to align personal goals with Organizational success: Often the difference between good individuals/organisations and great ones is the ability to fully utilise ones potential. Studies show that many Individuals/ organisations fail to utilise their full potential to create opportunities for growth and success. Re-direct will engage individual/organisations on how to innovate, communicate and utilise resources to generate lasting opportunities for growth and development and thus transform Individuals/ organisations from good to great.


Mr. Nishant Kewalramani is the founding partner at EDIPLIS Counsels. Before starting EDIPLIS, he was a partner at one of the leading IP Firms in India and was heading the consulting and strategy practice there. He has been a crucial part of crafting cutting edge IP strategies for some of the biggest multinational companies. In addition to being a trademark and patent agent, his expertise also includes other core IP areas such as trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, open source consulting, valuations and entertainment law. His passion for making start-ups and SMEs IP savvy, brought him to be associated with United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) as a part of UNIDO's training and Awareness initiatives, where more than 100 SMEs in India were chosen from various sectors for improving their IP hygiene. He represented India at the JPO (Japanese Patent Office) under the AOTS (Association of Technical Scholarships program) for cross border IP knowledge dissemination. A dual masters in Intellectual Property and Information Technology, he brings a fusion of both legal and Technology perspectives. He has co‐authored the book on Patent law for NLS Bangalore. Being a resource person at various national and international conferences and a guest faculty at NALSAR Hyderabad, NLS Bangalore, IIM Bangalore, Indian Institute of Fashion Technology and other coveted institutions, he loves to interact with professionals, students and academicians alike.


Lead Trainer M.S. Ravindra, a mechanical engineer by profession and a certified trainer in behaviour skills and advanced facilitation techniques. With 22 years of Sales and marketing experience in the Indian and International market he has worked in core industries like Automotive, Engineering and Manufacturing, Industrial Automation and Infrastructure at leadership levels. He has recruited, trained and developed sales team in the last 8 years. Leveraged by key account handling of clients in India, North America, Europe and Asia. Mr. Ravindra is a certified IQA for automotive QMS ISO/TS16949, Aerospace standards AS9100, Six Sigma and member of “American Union of NLP” , Member International Association of Professional Life Coaches, besides many other certifications related to the industry. He has lead various CFT’s (cross functional teams) and well versed in the art of managing people and imparting trainings in a lucid approach by keeping the audience charged at all times. Ravindra is a Columnist on Training and Skill Development for Peenya Industrial Association (PIA).


Ravish is an electronics & communication engineer by qualification and has also completed the PBM program at the prestigious IIM Bangalore. He has 25 years of experience in Leadership, Business Management, Sales & Marketing in companies like Siemens, Reliance, Bharti Airtel & e4e Technology Services. He made a transition from the corporate world to become an entrepreneur over 10 years ago and started Aishan Technologies. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur himself, he has provided consultancy services to SMEs helping them with their growth in areas like product launch, market development & revenue growth.

Amit Punjabi

Amit Punjabi Is a certified NLP trainer, Master Practitioner & Life Coach / Strategist Since 2006, he has worked with entrepreneurs, students & professionals in gaining clarity towards their goals and take action towards achieving them. He has facilitated programs for people from different walks of life in understanding and performing to their true potential and driving results in both their personal and professional lives.
His authored articles on entrepreneurship, Leadership & Development strategies have appeared in leading publications such as the Entrepreneur Magazine, Yourstory, The CEO Magazine and the like. The journey of Sankalp Academy has been listed as a success story on Asiabiz today, Silicon City news & Indian

He is the author of the best seller Pursuit : The journey of an entrepreneur.

Adithya V

Aditya is the founder of Mobveus Technologies Pvt Ltd which is a software development firm. Having more than 10 years of industry experience allowed him in executing various leadership roles such as Delivery Head at Beta Soft Systems , VP Products at 1 page company and Founder of a financial technology start up. His goal is to bring  world-class technology within the reach of all Growth Companies. As a growth company strategy specialist he helps build online business , increase sales and bring innovative strategies to elevate the clients business successfully. He has in depth skills in B2B product launches, Online marketing and Business process automation. He specialises in building products and business collaterals. He loves animals, travelling and enjoys Teach talks. He also runs a school in his village and engages with kids through the Parikrama Foundation.

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