Support – just ask for it!

Have you ever been in a position where you’re stuck, in a rut, it is difficult to get out of and you just feel so helpless, and all you had to do was ask someone for help? And when you did, you got out of the rut and were no more troubled. It is that simple to ask for help, it is just that simple to ask for support. A lot of times, people forget that their immediate support system is right there; failing to focus on the people that are readily available to render their support.
Be it an Entrepreneur who can bootstrap her way through starting up or a student who just has to ask his teacher for help before the exam, every individual has a support system.
What’s important is to know what kinds of people form this support system for the individual. Are they the people who would look forward to him or her growing, developing or even transforming into a powerful individual? Are they the people who would be happy to see you succeed? Are they the people who would be empowered once you have succeeded? Are they even the people who help you work on your weaknesses while taking advantage of your strengths? These are few questions that an individual must ask oneself about their Support System.
Once these questions have been answered well and clarity has been achieved, Support Systems are going to be stronger and more powerful than ever. People who are part of it will genuinely take pride in where you have come up to and will also push you for further growth and greater success. A Support System may be one’s Family, Friends, one’s boss or even one’s team, it all boils down to how open an individual is to asking for support from those who matter and can make a difference.
Remember, it all starts with one question. You create your own Support System, you create your own Success!

Sagar R Gangwani
Ideation Coach

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