The Importance of Metaphors

The Importance of Metaphors

I have always been a Virat Kohli fan. What makes me appreciate him so much is his absolute passion for the sport. Not only is he an explosive batsman… But he completely dominates the bowling line up with so much class. And what sets him apart from the rest is that he does this so consistently.

Very recently I was watching one of his interviews and the journalist asked him about his diet and why he eats slightly less than what a professional athlete must be eating… And his answer really inspired me! It moved me to be honest. That’s when I started noticing that most successful people that are on the top of their game have powerful metaphors attached to their belief systems. There is a direct co-relation between a person’s success and his/her metaphor for their field.

Here are a few metaphors of various alphas of various fields:

1 .Virat Kohli, Captain of The Royal Challengers Bangalore – When the journalist asked Virat about the secret to his multiple T20 centuries in this year’s IPL edition: “I have started eating less to stay hungry for runs.”



2. Nick Young, Small Forward of the Los Angeles Lakers – When he averaged a career high 18 points in the 2014-15 season he Tweeted – “No tats on the right arm Strictly for buckets



3.Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group and Multi billionaire on missing a very profitable business opportunity in Russia – “Then again, as I have said before: opportunities are like buses – there’s always another one coming!



4. Elon Musk, Founder of Space X, Tesla & Solar City on How to be an effective inventor of simplified products – “Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.



5. 50 Cent – Famous American Rapper with a net worth of over 140 million USD in 2014 – When a press reporter boldly asked 50 Cent when he sleeps, 50 Cent responded quickly… “Sleep, sleep is for those people who are broke.”


50 cent

The reason all these people are so immensely successful is because of the metaphors they use which form a large part of their belief system. Look for the things in your life which you value or are passionate about and build a powerful metaphor! And what if you can’t? What if you aren’t able to? Then use a metaphor someone you look upto uses! Make your beliefs powerful!


Maanav Kapai

Adventure Coach


  1. Akshay D Nandawat

    A brilliant post and it is truly very inspiring to know how these few thoughts which can keep you going and help you achieve so much in life.

    Thanks Maanav

    1. Hines

      It’s about time somoene wrote about this.

  2. Jodie

    Great thignikn! That really breaks the mold!

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