The Importance of Visual Content in Business Today

The Importance of Visual Content in Business Today

A few days back my external hard drive containing important data relating to my scripts crashed. All I did was just see a video – ‘HOW TO RECOVER DATA FROM HARD DISK’ on YouTube and easily recovered my data from hard disk in no time!

That’s just a simple example of the power of visual content in our day to day life.

Even in the business marketing world, visual content plays a major role in the success of one’s business. No business today can be successful without involving visual content as their major marketing strategy.

So why should we align ourselves to visual content?

To answer, we need to know that there are 3 types of learners :

  • Visual learners – learn by seeing
  • Auditory learners – learn by hearing
  • A mix of styles

Research has shown that we remember visual images much easier and better than just words and hence, the largest portion of learners are Visual Learners.

So in this digital world, visual content is dominating over text in marketing one’s business or product.

What are the kinds of visual content used in marketing?




4.COMBINATION of all above

Popular social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Vine play a great role in visual content marketing strategies. It can be seen that an image or video on these social media platforms get more attention (likes, comments, shares) than that of text.

Its easier to reach a large number of people with these simple social media tools, but to create an impact, the quality of the content always matters. So the business owner has to choose the right people /agency to visually market their content as it makes their fortunes or lose it.


Here are the few visual content statistics proving that its the boss of marketing in today’s world:

  • 46% of marketers say photography is critical to their current marketing and storytelling strategies.


  • Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images.


  • 39% of marketers believe that more of their budget should be allocated to the acquisition or creation of compelling visual assets.


  • Shoppers who view video are 1.81X more likely to purchase than non-viewers.


  • Using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%.


  • Between April 2015 and November 2015, the amount of average daily video views on Facebook doubled from 4 billion video views per day to 8 billion.


  • Syndacast predicts 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video.


  • Visual content is more than 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.


  • Articles with an image once every 75-100 words got double the number of social shares than articles with fewer images.


Seeing is believing. Get into visual content marketing to leverage maximum benefit out of it.


Santosh G

Creative Director

Avyakta Films

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